Tris O’Shaughnessy

Assistant Director,
Client Support and Research Projects

Bridge the Divide

Tris has been the Assistant Director of Client Support and Research Projects for the AP Course Audit since 2013. She joined EPIC in 2004 and has worked on a wide variety of research projects including, most recently, a series of alignment studies with Renaissance Learning. She was the program administrator for the National Assessment Governing Board’s College Course Content Analysis Study. Before joining EPIC, she worked for 10 years in nonprofit and student service positions, focused on underserved populations and nontraditional students. Her professional background is in program management and administration and group facilitation. She attended the University of Oregon graduate program in Public Policy and Management and holds BAs in History, Political Science, and Literature from Saint Mary’s College.

Tris is good source of information about:

Group facilitation, project management, program development and administration, curriculum alignment, grant writing, report writing, and data analysis

Projects and Publications at EPIC
Other Relevant Projects and Publications

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