Kirsten Aspengren

Senior Director

Bridge the Divide

Kirsten has been on EPIC’s leadership team since 2006 after a year with the organization. She has over twenty years of experience informing policy and practice in areas ranging from education to public health to family development. In addition, she has almost a decade of experience as an advocate for marginalized populations and as a leading spokesperson for access to health care in New York City. Kirsten earned a master’s degree in social work with a macro focus in policy and administration at Fordham University in New York City, and a bachelor’s degree with honors in psychology from the University of Oregon.

Kirsten is a good source of information about:

Curriculum alignmment; facilitation of content experts through highly structured processes; executive management; large-scale, high-stakes education program implementation; education and health care research; public policy; legislative advocacy, and coalition building; and public heath education

Fun Facts About Kirsten:

• Favorite reading: New Yorker and historical fiction
Daily commute: 1-1/2 mile walk or bike ride to downtown Portland or the Amtrak train to Eugene
• Spirit city: New York City – lived in Brooklyn from 1995–2004


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