Jody Kirtner

Jody Kirtner

Quality Assurance Specialist,
AP Course Audit

Bridge the Divide

Jody is a Quality Assurance Specialist on the AP Course Audit team, focused on the development and testing of web-based software. She received her MA in natural resource conservation policy and geographic information systems (GIS) from the University of Maryland and a BS in geography from Texas A&M University. Jody is interested in how users understand and interact with technology, and serves as an interface between technical and nontechnical people. Using the principles set forth by WCAG 2.0, she has been coordinating our efforts to make the APCA website and many of its downloadable documents accessible to users with a variety of disabilities. She has 25 years of experience in conveying information through software, maps, graphics, websites, reports, and educational materials. She has worked in several fields: transportation planning, natural resources, telecommunications, and website development.

Projects and Publications at EPIC
Other Projects and Publications

J. L. Kirtner, “Innovations in RF Planning Tools & Techniques for Broadband Wireless Deployment,” presented at the GIS in the Rockies 2000 Conference, Denver, September 2000.

J. L. Kirtner, “Using LIDAR Data in Wireless Communications System Design,” presented at the 2000 American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Annual Conference, Washington, D. C., May 2000.

J. L. Kirtner and H. R. Anderson, “Clutter Data Assists System Design,” Wireless Review, March 1, 2000.

J. L. Kirtner, “Telecom Developments Ring in New Data Needs,” Business Geographics, April 1999.

J. L. Kirtner and H. R. Anderson, “The Application of Land Use/Land Cover Data to Wireless Communication System Design,” presented at the 1998 ESRI User Conference, San Diego, July 1998.