Erin Fukuda

Research Associate

Policy and Practice

Research and Evaluation

Erin has collaborated with EPIC since 2010, and formally joined the organization as a Research Associate in 2013. She draws on a range of educator experience and skills in educational research to support projects at the intersection of EPIC’s policy-meets-practice and research and evaluation work. Erin has collaborated with the Maine Department of Education and the Center for Innovation in Education to support educators as they attend to complex skills such as collaboration, creativity, and self-direction in learning. She continues to learn from dedicated and innovative educators across the country through these and other EPIC projects.

Informing her work at EPIC, Erin served as a Head Start teacher assistant, a rural school education assistant, a primary grades teacher, and a school academic liaison, as well as a teaching assistant for introductory education courses and a graduate research assistant at the University of Oregon. Erin is a doctoral candidate within the Department of Educational Policy, Methodology, and Leadership at the University of Oregon, where she earned her BS in Educational Studies and her MEd in Teaching and Learning.

Phone: 541.246.2630

Erin is a good source of information about:

Novice-to-expert skill development, developmental frameworks, EPIC’s policy meets practice portfolio

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