Preface to Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind

In this preface to his book Engaging Students With Poverty in Mind, Eric Jensen gives a personal narrative of challenges met and struggles overcome, providing a first-person perspective on poverty that he uses to lend credibility to his claims. While lacking in concrete advice or ideas on how to best reach struggling students or disadvantaged…

How Poverty Affects Classroom Engagement

Eric Jensen highlights seven issues that disproportionately affect students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds in the classroom. Jensen outlines each of these issues and provides ways for students to address them. He reminds educators that poor students are still students and that teachers can support students in overcoming the obstacles they face. The common differences between…

The 90/90/90 Schools: A Case Study

This chapter explores the common characteristics of schools that have high poverty rates, high ethnic/racial minority populations, and high academic achievement. These characteristics include:

  • A focus on academic achievement
  • Clear curriculum choices
  • Frequent assessment of student progress and multiple opportunities for improvement
  • An emphasis on nonfiction writing
  • Collaborative scoring of student work

Author: Douglas B. Reeves