Humility, Will, and Level 5 Leadership: An Interview With Jim Collins

Michael Brosnan interviews organizational expert Jim Collins about his research on educational leadership. Collins argues that a great organization must meet these three tests:

  • It has to have superior results relative to its particular mission.
  • It has to have a distinct impact.
  • It has to have lasting endurance.

Author: Michael Brosnan

Principal Connection/Can You Be Too Nice?

Thomas R. Hoerr argues that sometimes principals can try too hard to be “liked” which can undermine their ability to lead. This can lead to these problems: We are not clear about our expectations. We only give feedback on what’s positive. We do not hold firm to our beliefs. However, he does believe that principals…

Another Inconvenient Truth: Race and Ethnicity Matter

University professors and researchers Willis Hawley and Sonia Nieto breakdown issues and misconceptions that some educators have about dealing with issues of race and ethnicity in the classroom. They offer three race- and ethnicity-conscious strategies for school improvement, centered around understanding the diverse backgrounds of all students in the classroom. Hawley and Nieto conclude by…

Changing the Odds for Student Success: What Matters Most

Education research and development non-profit Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning suggest taking these steps to improve the chances of life success for all children:

  • Guarantee challenging, engaging, and intentional instruction
  • Ensure curricular pathways to success
  • Provide whole-child student supports
  • Create high-performance school cultures
  • Develop data-driven, high-reliability district systems

Author: B. Goodwin