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Leading a large, comprehensive high school presents one of the most challenging and isolating roles in K–12 education. Principals, assistant principals, and teacher-leaders long for strategic approaches, yet must instead react to the crisis of the moment, month, or year. Further, few leadership teams are networked to other schools facing similar challenges, thus limiting their ability to be strategic in identifying, developing, and implementing supports that serve all students well.



Local networks of schools support each other in strategic direction, thinking, and action. Epic School Partnerships joins these networks together, enabling schools, districts, and community-based organizations to ensure all students are ready to Think, Know, Act, and Go.

ESP-Beehive_revised HOW IT WORKS

Local networks form when 6 to 10 partner schools commit to convene regularly to foster the development and implementation of a strategic direction.

Each partner school commits to building a 3-year strategic direction designed to support student success and ensure life readiness for all students.

EPIC offers workshops based on the needs of local networks that will be informed by the expertise networked across Epic School Partnerships.

Epic School Partnerships will provide direct links between both partner schools and local networks by

  • sharing emerging/promising practices, innovation, and expertise
  • working with each local network to identify specific areas for collaboration, research, and development (e.g., early warning system design, asset-based approaches to intervention) to counter the persistent challenges facing participating schools, districts, and communities
  • facilitating flow of information



  • demonstrate a desire for every student to develop the abilities to Think, Know, Act, and Go.
  • engage in the development, implementation, and adoption of a strategic direction within and between school years
  • lend their expertise both within their own network and across other networks
  • send staff to participate in the three workshops offered throughout the school year
  • provide physical space at the school or district level to support network activities as needed



  • provide the backbone for the partnership, including the flow of information, emerging and promising practices, innovation, and expertise across networks
  • design, facilitate, and support the leadership team meetings and local network workshops
  • provide access to ranges of solutions that are tailored to meet each school’s unique needs and cultural contexts
  • develop external partnerships to address persistent issues of practice that the network expertise might not meet
  • support strategic planning, decision making, thinking, and implementation
  • maintain a presence in the macro-policy environment (at the national and state level) specific to issues of deeper learning, accountability, etc.


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