Valley High School – Teaching Literacy Every Period, Every Day

In 2015, Valley High School’s academic outcome data showed that students needed explicit support and practice developing the literacy skills necessary to be successful in postsecondary opportunities without remediation. Valley had been the lowest performing high school in the county for several years in a row, and had a reputation as a school with a multitude of discipline problems and low academic rigor.


Bridges in State ESSA Plans

At EPIC, we have made it our mission to first understand what knowledge, skills, and abilities students must possess to be successful in postsecondary education or training that will lead to productive careers, and second, to develop systems to support educators in achieving this student- and work-centered goal. We aim to create systems that will…


New Board Members

EPIC is pleased to welcome three new board members to our organization. As our work with school leadership teams continues to grow, we want to expand our capacity to work with schools and districts. In order to do this, we need board members who share our vision that it’s not just the content, but the context and a growth mindset that will prepare today’s kids for tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities. We have recently identified the need to diversify our board’s experience to include folks who have worked in schools, and can help us contextualize our work within their own experiences in schools and districts and to focus our language and stories as we empower educators to embrace a renewed vision of student readiness.