EPIC is a nonprofit consulting group that strives to help educators better equip students for success. We help districts and schools create learning communities with the right systems and supports so that all students are graduating truly ready for college, career, and life.

Epic School Partnerships –

Supporting educators to ensure every student graduates ready to learn, work, and succeed after high school.

Policy and Practice –

Innovating policy and practice to engage educators and decision makers at the state and local levels.

Bridge the Divide 

Fostering partnerships for seamless curriculum alignment: K–12 to community colleges to 4-year institutions to careers.

Research and Evaluation

Developing deeper understanding through program evaluation, analysis, and alignment services.

At EPIC, we firmly believe that our schools and our society have the responsibility to prepare students for life, not just tests. In today’s global, connected world, information itself is available 24/7. It’s no longer what you know, but what you can do with this knowledge. This isn’t new, nor is the concept of College and Career Readiness, but somehow ‘the system’ remains focused mostly on content knowledge. This deficit in what we are valuing, teaching, and measuring undermines every student’s opportunity for success, but especially those in underserved populations and struggling schools. This needs to change. Everywhere.

We see a future where education works for all students; where readiness and success are defined by students’ engagement, adaptability, and what they can do with their knowledge, rather than just content mastery and testing. We want to be a creative catalyst inspiring, equipping, and linking schools to create this future.