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Epic School Partnerships (ESP) represents a new approach for improving student outcomes through a network of schools, districts, and communities committed to ensuring every student graduates ready to learn, work, and succeed after high school. The partnerships are designed to meet local needs and tap local assets while connecting schools and systems from across the country in support of strategic thinking, planning, and action at the school level.

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…with the School Success Model.

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Epic School Partnerships empowers students to become lifelong learners so they can successfully navigate life after high school. One of the key ways we do this is by providing schools with the support they need to truly transform their approach to the everyday business of preparing students for what’s next. Through this process we work to build capacity and vision with leadership teams to impact districts, schools, classrooms, and ultimately students. The School Success Model is the framework we use with schools to identify their current state and to inform their strategic direction as they set goals for the future.

STRATEGIC SUPPORT to strengthen your school leadership team

Our strategic support is designed to increase local capacity by connecting schools and systems through strategic thinking, planning, action, and innovation at the school and classroom levels. We bring together networks of schools committed to each other’s development of structures, policies, and programs designed to improve student outcomes, specifically among students who have been historically underserved. Our support augments state, district, or school resources, and keeps stakeholders accountable and moving initiatives forward.

AWARENESS CAMPAIGNS  to share your vision and identity

We design and support school awareness campaigns that capture unique points of pride, cast vision, and clarify school values as determined by the voices of the students, staff, and families. Our services include initial planning, surveys, a school visit, and a final plan with supporting branding materials. Our goal is to raise awareness, communicate values, and unite audiences and initiatives.

STUDENT & FAMILY ENGAGEMENT  to increase your impact in the community

We facilitate student and family engagement so schools can align strategic planning and implementation to the voices of students and their families. Through support such as workshops, student advisory groups, and listening sessions, we provide activities and resources for ensuring that students, families, teachers, and community members are all a part of the conversations that influence decision-making at the leadership level.

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…with the FOUR KEYS to college and career readiness.

Developed by Dr. David Conley and EPIC through over a decade of research and practice, the Four Keys is a framework that describes the knowledge and skills students need to be successful after high school. The unique lens of the Four Keys framework helps make sense of complexity and helps identify opportunity for real and actionable improvement in systems, schools, and classrooms. We provide workshops and diagnostic services to help schools embed the Four Keys throughout the school culture and empower all students to become lifelong learners.

WORKSHOPS engage educators to deepen a shared understanding of how to develop lifelong learners

Workshops can be designed for county, district, and school-based leadership teams as well as teachers, families, and community members. Facilitated by experts, these workshops explore how the Four Keys can be used in schools to prepare students with the skills and knowledge a 21st century student needs to be a lifelong learner. Our support includes initial planning, customized workshop materials, half or full day workshops, and follow up.

CAMPUSREADY provides actionable information to prepare students for life after high school

CampusReady is an online self-diagnostic tool that provides data, reports, recommendations, and links to resources that help schools improve college and career readiness for students. The tool collects information from students, teachers, counselors, and administrators in middle (grades 6–8) and high schools (grades 9–12). Using the Four Keys as a framework, each school receives reports (including individual student reports) that can be used by both the school and district leaders to understand and shape strategies for increasing college and career readiness.

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Click here to see how we’re using the FOUR KEYS.

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