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In 2014, the California Education Policy Fund (CEPF), with support from the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, awarded EPIC a 2-year contract to work with Orange County and Silicon Valley schools to improve college and career readiness and support the development of Deeper Learning. EPIC’s role involves supporting implementation of a school success model to align Local School Accountability Plans (LCAPs) with building-level practices. Drawing on the Four Keys to College and Career Readiness developed by its founder, Dr. David Conley, EPIC aims to:

  • document and analyze LCAPs in relationship to college and career readiness (CCR);
  • develop school-level strategic planning processes supporting LCAPs, CCR, and Deeper Learning;
  • develop locally designed systems of assessment in support of CCR and Deeper Learning;
  • scale processes and practices to other California districts and schools;
  • and use results of grant activities to offer a different perspective on accountability, one that encompasses a broader notion of CCR.


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