Who Knew? National Community College Month

As we move along down the road of life, some things stay with us and others don’t. I am ashamed to admit that National Community College Month is one of those that didn’t stay with me. Some celebrations stick, like Grandparents Day, Leif Erickson Day (formerly Columbus Day), National Peanut Week, St. Olaf’s Day (formerly…

We Love Math

Making It All Add Up: National Math Summit

  This year’s Mathematics Summit was held as a two-day preconference event at the NADE Annual Conference in Anaheim in March. Once again the Summit brought together those in the “front lines” of developmental mathematics education and first credit math courses to discuss different approaches for implementing, adjusting, or redesigning mathematics courses with the methods…


NADE: Intentional, Not Accidental, Connections

We have just returned from the 40th Annual NADE (National Association for Developmental Education) Conference in Anaheim, CA. Undoubtedly this was the most valuable conference we have attended to date! The original concept for Bridge the Divide involved focusing on developmental education, and after this conference it is clear that this is indeed where we…