Kristine Chadwick

EPIC Newsletter – November 2015

From the Desk of…Kristine Chadwick, Senior Director of Programs What do Jennifer Garner, Stephen Colbert, and Justin Bieber have in common with EPIC’s work? These stars, along with many others, were part of a one-hour television special by the Entertainment Industry Foundation showcasing the education crowdsourcing initiative called Think It Up! The initiative encourages public…

Girl with beakers

Epic Steps Issue 2 – October 2015

T-2-4 and the Four Keys Spokane Public Schools (SPS), the second-largest district in the State of Washington, is committed to making sure that all doors are open to their students after they graduate from high school. To achieve this, SPS has implemented a districtwide campaign called T-2-4 focused on preparing students to successfully complete some…


Epic Steps Issue 1 – September 2015

VALLEY HIGH IS REDEFINING ITS CULTURE It’s hard to forget the early 90’s Canon television commercials featuring a mullet­ haired Andre Agassi repeating the slogan, “image is everything.” While we at Epic School Partnerships may not agree that it’s “everything,” perceptions do play an important role in the effectiveness of schools. Schools that fail to…


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