What We Do

The Educational Policy Improvement Center (EPIC) conducts research, provides services, and creates online tools to ensure that educators understand the importance of college and career readiness and its implications for postsecondary success.

Dr. David T. Conley and staff have spent over a decade establishing EPIC as a premier institution that researches educational policy problems and their solutions, with a focus on college and career readiness, education standards, and the structured review of educational content. Our expertise includes the following:




Research, Development, and Innovation: Program Development, Software Development, Design Charettes, Proof of Concept Testing.

Applied Research and Program Evaluation: Program Evaluation, Needs Assessments, Literature Reviews, Case Studies.

Policy Studies: Policy Analysis, Environmental Scans, Literature Reviews, Data Analysis, Stakeholder Engagement and Analysis.

Alignment and Content Analysis: Standards Development, Standards Setting, Alignment Studies, Validity Studies, Discrepancy Analyses, Course Alignment.

Assessment: Item/Task Development; Defining Career and College Readiness; Performance Indicator Development; Profile of Student Personalized Learning; Performance Task Development, Piloting and Dissemination.

Professional Development and Facilitation: School Improvement; Stakeholder Facilitation; Partnership Workshops; Professional Development for Teachers, Administrators, and Counselors.

EPIC’s College and Career Readiness System (CCRS) comprises a number of tools and services that turn theory into practice. The CCRS includes:

CampusReady: Analyzing school programs and culture for college and career readiness.

ThinkReady: Developing thinking strategies for postsecondary success and lifelong learning.

CourseCreate: Producing syllabi for college and career ready courses.